Two weeks have passed since my arrival in New York, and just a little less since my residency at Art in General. I have too many thoughts and feelings to be able to express them all in a couple of lines, but in short, I feel extremely happy to be here and to experience everything – from meeting new people to visiting touristic and artistic places and doing everyday activities.

Walking plays an important part in daily routine, so I mostly divided my time between walking in different areas of the city – simply being in it, passing through it and observing the interactions that take place – and spending time in the studio, thinking about my practice and translating my experiences and theoretical research into ideas to test in the upcoming period weeks.

The incredibly friendly and warm staff at Art in General connected me with people interested in performance, and so thanks to that I started a workshop-rehearsal series, which will hopefully include a series of weekly meetings for thinking through making and sharing thoughts.  The first encounters will lead to a draft performance, to be presented as part of Dumbo open studios next week, and which will also serve as a basis for conversation and experimentation for the second part of the workshop. This setup feels fragile and also very important to me, because while being here I am trying to experiment with a different type of working with people and performance, one that extends for a longer period of time and makes room for try-outs, errors, longer engagement and new possibilities.

Attached are some pictures from events/people/places that have inspired me since my arrival.

Looking forward to the upcoming weeks!






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