Denver art experience

First two weeks of my arts residency of CEC Arts Link Fellowship has passed in Denver, Colorado state. It was so intense and upliftings. During that time I had various meetings, site visits, city explorations, diving into arts organizations work. But all in sequence. 

First of all I’d like to share some urban observations and insights about the city. Denver is located in area surrounded by Rocky Mountains that’s why it is called Mile High City, which means to European mind sets – it is located on the altitude of 1600 meters high above the sea level. It has seven! art district, so far I visited three of them, art museums – modern art and contemporary one, even airport has got its own art collection, a big number art galleries, art centers, music venues, small art groups organizations and brand new Denver performing arts center. It’s so much to discover during four weeks. 

The city landscape has a wonderful combinations of building, parks and public art. 

Denver placement started from an introduction in WESTAF – Western State Arts Federation’s office. I ‘d like to share about WESTAF work, which is inspirational. At the first glance the organization seems to be very complicated, technology oriented. Talking to different program managers I discovered how organization manages so important innovation and enhancing management for art organization and individuals. I will share more about their work. 

 Also more about unique visits, important talks, personal discoveries and insights.

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