Brodway Show, House of Blues, Motown and Bowling Green

Hello readers,
I had a very busy week with my art residence in Oberlin. My days are full with new experience and I am very happy about it.

On October 17 I got a chance to see a Broadway Show “The Waitress” in Cleveland. I have watched musical for the first time in my life. The quality of production was amazing, but I have mixed feelings about scenario of this show.

It was a big surprise for me to meet another CEC ArtsLink resident Adriana Totikova on this show! We spend a nice time discussing the show and American theatre.

On the next day, my professor Ian MacMillan together with a sound engineer Math from Oberlin brought me to an iconic place: House of Blues, a popular venue for rock concerts, which was created by Dan Aykroyd, famous actor and author of the “Blues Brothers” movie. Math showed me all backstage places, equipment and explained how House of Blues operating it. This was a very exciting chance to see a professional music venue.

On Thursday I was invited to the University of Bowling Green, Ohio to meet professor Megan Rancier and her class of ethnomusicology. Her students were well prepared for my visit. They have watched our documentary about the history of Uzbek rock. We had a nice deep talk about contemporary rock and its challenges.

On Friday I had a chance to visit legendary music studio Motown in Detroit, which gave birth to the soul genre and many famous stars: Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gay and others. I’ve met back vocal group “The Attendees” which were singing almost on all records of Motown in 60-70s. Now I have their autographs!

A new week we started with a concert of a guest musician from Japan Oki. Oberlin Sound Production Team allowed me to take part in sound setup and showed the way they work with a sound. A new technology for me: a mixer which could be controlled by IPad. Awesome! What a nice thing to have in our Ilkhom theater.

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