Introduction week.

It seems that I`m ready to write a short report about what I’m doing here, except that I study the local cultural and artistic environment, including local cuisine (oh, God, do I really admit it?).
So it was just a week of my life in NOLA. My place of temporary work is the Center for Contemporary Art of New Orleans and my curator is a subtle, witty and very diplomatic person – Laurie Uprichard, who is the head of “performing arts department” of CACNO. It seems that she herself could be an infinite source of knowledge and information for me until the end of Residency.  Unfortunately, she is usually busy but gave me a long list of people from the local artistic community and staff of the Center, with whom I should definitely meet.
On Tuesday I attended a staff meeting and was introduced as a person who can pester everyone with endless questions until the middle of November. I said I would try not to be very annoying. After coming back to my small personal office, I wrote letters to everyone I’d be interested in meeting. Little by little, my calendar for this and the next week begins to be tightened by meetings with people who are engaged in media, marketing, development, education programs, visual art, exhibition and other activities in the Center and outside it.
So my intensive course “How to understand the nuances of the work of the American non-profit cultural institution in two weeks” will begin tomorrow. Then I’ll take a week to think of my observation, and then I`ll try to meet the same people again and torment them with my conclusions and comments.
A few months ago, the NOLA Arts Center received a grant from the Wallace Foundation, specifically aimed at increasing the audience and especially attracting a marginal part of the local population (African-Americans are 32% of the population here). I have to say I  saw just a few people of color as visitors during last week. Preparation and implementation of the media strategy for solving issues of engaging the audience within the framework of the project were outsourced. I was invited to the presentation of the strategy to the office of the company, which is engaged in this. Honestly, this was my first such event in my life. Well, do you know a lot of cultural institutions in Ukraine that have a “SMM marketing strategy” developed according to all the laws of the genre and with all the preliminary research? Perhaps it is because of the lack of a systematic approach to SMM that many discoveries have occurred in my head over this two-hour meeting. Now I will monitor how the strategy is implemented and, especially interesting, will it bring the expected results.
These are the last news.
keep moving on…

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