Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame

Long live Rock’n’roll!


Last Thursday I have arrived at my residence in Oberlin, Ohio, This is a small city with a very strong and interesting Liberal Arts college. Most of the students are on fall break now and I have few days left to visit important nearby locations.

Yesterday, on Monday, I have visited a very mystical place. This place is a hidden desire of every rock musician in the world. Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Even if you are top of the top, you still dream to be listed here. While the official award ceremony is held in NYC, the biggest collection of rock artefacts in the world situated here, in Cleveland.

With help of CEC Artslink, my Oberlin professor Ian MacMillen and Hall of Fame’s sound engineer Patrick Lavelle, I’ve got a unique opportunity to sneak into Hall of Fame’s backstage. I was really excited when Patrick was demonstrating all their technologies to me. I wish we could have the same in the Ilkhom theatre!

IMG_20171016_134307The visit to the Hall of Fame was a very important experience in my life. I touched a history of people which influenced me in a very radical way: Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Tom Morello – everybody is here. I think I need a couple of days to sort all the impressions which I’ve got and to think about the experience.

This was a very strong start for my residence. Stay in touch, more events to come!

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