Self-identification issues.

Since the official opening of my residence in the Contemporary Art Center of New Orleans, the question of self-identification has become the first and main issue for me. Of course, this issue with varying degrees of intensity occurs to me during the last 10 years of my professional activity, but never has it occurred so often for three days.

Who am I? Choreographer? Director of Black O!Range dance company? Art manager? Director of the Zelyonka festival?

Several times a day, meeting with different people, I have to introduce myself and tell about my activities and the purpose of my visit to the USA. And every time I ask myself “where do I start from?” What to designate as the most important objective of my residence. And, in the end, how to properly prioritize my work within the residence?

So far, I can not definitely answer myself to all these questions. There was a period in my life when I practically abandoned the staging activity and completely went into solving the organizational issues of the festival. Then I realized that I was dwindling. Lacking the opportunity to realize my creative impulses, fettered me and forced me to spill my creative energy in other ways. I had to remember that my colleagues and I started the festival just to be able to show our works to the audience. Then came other ideas: the development of a professional dance community, engaging the audience, the search for funding opportunities. And can we, in that case, abandon the desire to create our own projects?

I returned to active staging. I’m a choreographer. I am the director of the festival, which so far has no support from Ukrainian cultural foundations and institutions. I want to learn what I can not study in Ukraine. I want to understand how to make the festival more interesting and effective. I want to expand my network of professional contacts and make new friends in the USA. I want to be able to create my work and be clear and understandable in my intentions. And I do not know yet what is more important to me. I’m just moving on.

I’m just moving on.

to be continued

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